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Check the Preparation tab on how to submit your entry.

The Radio category includes any of the following media:

  1. Radio Station Commercials
    Includes all radio commercials flighted on radio stations, whether broadcast or Internet radio. Short & Long Format.
  2. Internet & Mobile Audio Commercials
    Includes all audio clips distributed via the Internet or Mobile media, including: podcasts, email, website downloads.
  3. Branded Content - Radio & Audio
    Branded Content includes the integration of a brand into a content platform-either pre-existing or created specifically for the purpose of promoting the brand.
    Includes: one off features, mini- series, event coverage, including all genres – fiction, reality, documentary or entertainment.
    Platforms include radio stations, whether broadcast or Internet radio, audio clips distributed via the Internet or mobile media, such as: podcasts, email, website downloads

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your entry description explains the context and how the material was viewed. If possible and where necessary, provide a walkthrough explaining all aspects of your entry, including the strategy, innovative ideas, target audience and provide any results you have.

Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute entry, check the “Preparation Guidelines” for more information.

Note: ALL non-English work must come with sub-titles & translations. 

Radio & Audio


PLEASE NOTE: NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED – If your files are not sent in the correct format your entry may be rejected!

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REPLACEMENT MATERIAL, so please make sure that the version you have uploaded or sent to us is the correct and final material. 

TRANSLATION - non-English entries - All non-English radio entries must be submitted as a video file with English subtitles. Include any necessary explanation for the judging panel to understand the context of the translation. Please follow the Film preparation guidelines.

SINGLE ENTRIES - must be entered individually.
For example, three radio ads that are part of a campaign theme must be entered as individual entries, not all as one entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.

As all work is judged anonymously, you must ensure that no reference to your agency is included
on the entry.

Radio & Audio file specifications:

Please note: All non-English entries must be submitted as video with English subtitles


  • Video with subtitles – see Film preparation guidelines


  • MP3 file format
  • Maximum file size: 100MB
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Bit Rate: Minimum 128kbps
  • Recommended: 258 kbps preferred, minimum 192kbps
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Peak Level: - 6dB (Digital Full Scale)
  • Duration: Length of duration is dependent on the category

How to send your files

Upload via our online entry system
You can upload your files directly to your media library via the online entry process. You have the option of uploading your files while completing your entry form, or you can choose to upload them at a later stage. Just login to your account to create an entry or manage your media.

Radio & Audio

Tip No 1: The judges are looking at hundreds of entries - where necessary, provide additional information to help them to understand your entry in terms of our judging criteria: Innovation, Quality of execution, relevance to the Brand, Target Audience and Chosen Medium.

Tip No 2: All non-English radio entries have to be submitted as a video with sub-titles. See Film preparation guidelines for the correct specs.

Tip No 3: View the Preparation tab for full entry formats and guidelines.